Sunday, March 15, 2009

BLU Restaurant and Bar

I remembered the resplendent view from where I sat back in 2003, high up on the 24th floor. We were there slightly before 6pm and were greeted by a magnificent sunset. Hubby and I were charmed by the blonde chef – all decked out in his unusual blue uniform. He had an ease about him as he chatted with us. Dinner felt perfect with unyielding attention from our server and the singer belting out jazzy evergreens.

Yesterday was my second trip back to BLU at Shangri-La Hotel. It felt…distinctly different from my first, though we only had drinks in the Bar. Instead of sunsets and bright lights, the skyline has changed (construction pretty much took over since then). No more glitzy act in the restaurant or waiters in blue vests.

Gone also was the Californian cuisine, a new chef has taken over and BLU is now progressive dining. The menu looked intriguing but we were too full to try. Quirky items with funky names like, the cloud and lemon vs. lemon.

So imagine our glee when we saw that a comprehensive list of wines (new and old world) is still available!

We’ve always loved the outdoor area at the restaurant and had to take a peek out before we concluded our evening. It felt good to feel the cool breeze on our faces and the set up was still as mesmerizing – always a good place to bring your date, especially if you are out to impress!

Something to try out, perhaps, this week. Seek new bites, new tastes and a new experience at one of Singapore’s la grande dames.

Blu Restaurant and Bar
Shangri-La Hotel
Reservations: 6213 4598